A Study on the Texas Revolution

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While they claimed that the government in Mexico had unlawfully usurped authority, establishing a tyrannical dictatorship, there were serious economic and social issues that sparked the conflict. But what is most interesting about the Texas Revolution is the relatively small numbers of soldiers involved. The Texians, as the settlers called themselves, numbered in the hundreds, while the Mexican forces never numbered more than a few thousand. Despite their numerical inferiority, the tactics of the Texian commander, Sam Houston, proved to be successful and Texas won provisional independence. One of the first battles fought in the Texas Revolution was the Battle of Concepcion, a Texian victory but one that demonstrated the relative small numbers involved. The entire Texian force was about 100 volunteers, while the Mexican force number just 300. But even as the Texians were involved in fierce battles against Mexican forces, the representatives of the various regions of Texas were divided over whether to demand full independence, or simply a return to the Constitution of 1824 which had been overthrown. The Texian delegates eventually compromised on a resolution which stated that they had the right to declare independence because the government of Santa Anna had destroyed the social contract which held Texas as a part of Mexico. This…
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