A Success Plan for Your University Math Course

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Getting accepted into a University is one of the most exciting experinces that someone can have. However, along with much joy one is often over come with fear and anxiety. Being a college student comes with many obligations, all of which revolve around getting good grades. One of the most anxiety provoking classes that a student can take is math. Although, if you hold yourself to some strict guidelines and plan for success, by having good time management skills, always taking notes, and keeping your self confidence up when your confused. These will make mastering math much easier and you will give you a higher success rate. At times College can seem like a juggling act; between going to classes, studying for tests and doing homework. All it really comes down to is being effective at time management. It is difficult to figure out your heiracry of commitments and alotting the appropriate amount of time to each task. There are many steps one can take in order to become good at time management. First, you should make a plan. Right when you get your sylabus for class, you should write down all of your assignments, quizes, papers and exams into your planner. This way you can visually see what you need to get done, and within each week. Second, you need to attend each class. Believe it or not you are wasting time by not going to class. It takes three times as slong to learn the material on your own, as it would if you simply would have atteneded class in the first place.
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