A Successful Business Organization And Group Family, Church, School, And Associations

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Leadership is one of the most important issues in any business organization, company, and group—family, church, school, and associations. So in order to check successes or failures of any business organization, one has to first check the leader’s effectiveness. In other words, “show me a successful business organization or group, and I will show you an effective leader.” And according to Meese and Ortmeier (2010), leadership is defined and described as a trait, the focus of group process, the art of inducing compliance, an exercise of influence, a kind of behavior or act, a form of persuasion, a power relationship, an instrument or process for goal attainment, an effective interaction, a differentiated role, the initiation or maintenance of structure, the process of arranging a situation, the ability to direct or coordinate relationships, an activity that mobilizes people, and as a social meaning-making process. Additionally, there are different types of leaders, but I will briefly highlight three types just for the purpose of this discussion. They includes: Servant leader, Covenant leader, and Narcissistic leader.
First, servant leader, according to Wheeler (2015), is a type of leadership where the leader serves the people he/she leads. It is informed that by studying the leadership style of Jesus can also influence one to change the way he or she leads others and if also the knowledge gained is applied properly in an organizational context, it can also change the
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