A Successful Career Is Built On A Solid Foundation

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Connecting Customers to Business A successful career is built on a solid foundation. The strongest part of that foundation is a quality education. Knowledge can be gained from the traditional classroom setting or hands on experience. A job is a combination of different skill sets. The career path of business and marketing are intertwined. Like a carpenter, it is a necessity that a person is equipped with all the necessary tools needed to complete a job from start to finish. Business plans include marketing strategies to promote a product or service. Having an understanding of business is key to excel in the career field of Marketing. An introductory course in Business is required to obtain a degree in the field of Marketing. The…show more content…
Each job in a person’s work history is exposure to an aspect of a business. A position in retail offers experiences in management, customer service, inventory and monetary transactions. Manufacturing positions provide hands-on experience in planning and product production. It is imperative to understand the big picture of a company to distinguish that each job has its part to play to accomplish the goals of the organization. By combining education and personal experience, each job can be used as a stepping stone to a career Marketing. Marketing will open opportunities to work in the career field of media, advertising, and market research. “Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. Communicating the value of your product or service is a key aspect of marketing”. (Entrepreneur) “Marketing professionals who went to business school or and learned their trade in marketing departments and agencies will soon find themselves joined by colleagues with very different backgrounds, including engineers, data scientists and mathematicians — bringing with them a fresh perspective to solving business problems” (Bosanac) Marketing is a collective effort to gather information to develop a strategic plan to ensure adequate market penetration. Carleen C. Goodwine Page 3 Marketing is not limited to creating a
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