A Successful Educator Essay

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The primary goal of an educator is to provide a student with the tools needed to accomplish lifelong goals as an adult. Specifically, each teacher is charged the responsibility to equip a student with the knowledge and skills that will contribute to his/her cumulative educational goals. All too often, students do not come to school with an unconditional love of learning. The educators therefore, have the ominous task of educating, motivating and coaching the often disinterested young person. Often, the best teachers are those that find ways to connect with their students. They therefore, find ways to encourage connections to the students short and long term goals. Many times, students do not find it easy to identify goals. Younger …show more content…
Students who are well taken care of and live in safe happy environments are therefore, better equipped to succeed in a learning environment. Educators must be observant of the student’s well being and willing to facilitate intervention if a student is in distress. Teachers often have to make difficult decisions to protect their students. By law if an educator suspects child abuse or neglect, it must be reported to the proper authorities. There may be times when a teacher has to go against the student’s wishes to protect him/her but, the educator must consequently adhere to “what is in the best interest of the child.”
A successful teacher of flourishing students is involved in the school community. Many times their day is lengthened as they choose to become integrated into other aspects of their students’ lives. Teachers see other sides of students when they are willing to participate in extracurricular activities. Interaction with their students in non-learning environments thus, gives the educator additional tools to help in the educational process. Interactions such as this allow teachers to take their students interests and integrate them into the classroom learning environment. Learning should not be limited to the traditional classroom. Moreover, there are many “teachable moments” that can be utilized outside the classroom. Team sports, student government, debate team, etc. provides the

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