A Successful Leader At The Same Time

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There are many quotes by famous leaders and public personalities about how to be or become a successful leader. Most of the time, they describe leadership in terms of action, results and consequences. Not too many quotes actually try to tell us how to be successful and ethical leader at the same time. Seems that in our times of bury the competition attitude, cut throat society these two words can’t co-exist together or can they? Why there is such a fascination with leaders? People from all public circles and occupations follow them on social media, television and the Internet. People are fascinated with their accomplishment, live style and power. For our society they are what gladiators used to be for the Romans, the national heroes and object of inspiration. Perhaps we all would like to be like them and have what they have. We are just lacking the qualities they acquire or just too indolent to develop the quality successful and ethical leaders should possess.
Before we go any further we should establish what the leaders are. Leaders are individuals who take charge, guide other individuals in order to accomplish certain goal. There are many ways and essential elements necessary to achieve that objective.
In the book “10 virtues of outstanding leaders” Al Gini and Ronald M. Green talk about, for our surprise, about 10 virtues of extraordinary leaders and their ethical aspect. Why 10 virtues and not 11 or 5 is not really specified in the book. Perhaps it’s correlation to…
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