A Successful Project Manager Through Experience And Academic Knowledge

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INTRODUCTION At first sight it might seem that Project Management in the corporate world is a Cake Walk but this actually involves a great deal more complicated which involves a keen and wise mind with a lot of other abilities in order to be a successful project manager through experience and academic knowledge. For a person like me who is novice and with a voraciousness to the engineering management procedures and with the voracious to explore the in and out information’s of it and its methods, the EM course especially the hybrid class under Thomas Brodowski is recommended by me. It was very interesting, interactive and enthusiastic in class as well as out of class course which drove us through the venture administration that is the…show more content…
During the entire course work I was constantly reminded to excel at communication between one self and the team members in order to identify the risks accompanied and take steps to nullify issues as early as possible. TEAM EXPERIENCE Formation of Team: As we all know the benefits of team work involves raised efficiency and the ability to solve intricate problems by different minds and mutual support, which was one of the key quality I adapted to by taking the scores under Professor Brodowski. The higher quality of outcomes that I benefited by taking the course under Professor Brodowski is to make better use of resources and burgeon the enriched ideas that it produces. Like everyone know the success of the team work is when the efforts of individual involved adds up moving towards the completion with the increased efficiency and save time and complete tasks with more thoughtful ideas of individuals involved in it. With mutual support of the members in the group each of them can rely on other with shared goals and encourage others to achieve goals that may not have had the confidence to be achieved all alone which has in turn improved our socializing skills and other than mentioned all the team members gain broader set of benefits which is in-affable. The idea of giving team work in EM-636 was really a commendable step taken
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