A Successful Transition From High School

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To be successful, means to feel accomplished. Success is a mindset that varies in everyone’s mind. Everyone can be successful, depending on their definition of the feeling. My interpretation of success is when one is able to do what makes them happy and advance in life, while being content with where they are going, regardless of the negative opinions of others. Becoming content with God’s plan for your life, and investing in yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially, will result in a better self with much success.
Personally, a successful transition from high school to college is one where one is comfortable, safe, and enjoying where they are. Being in college for a while is different than transitioning for the first time. I believe my transition to college is so far, so good. I have made a group of friends that I believe I can count on; my roommate and I get along like no other; and my classes are not as difficult as I expected, which is glorious. I want to be successful in life, who doesn’t? Different people calls for different success.
Humility and gratefulness are two core values that I cannot choose from. I believe they go hand and hand with one another, and with one, comes the other. When I reach a point in my life in which I am as prosperous as I have ever been, I hope to remain humble, and remember where I am climbing from. Therefore, while at the beginning of my journey, feeling as though I have not made it close to my goals, I remain…
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