A Summary Of A Woman In Jerusalem

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The Summary of: A Woman In Jerusalem The brilliant author, A. B. Yehoshua, tells the story of very long quest to find the identity of a deceased young woman killed as the result from a bomb’s explosion in Jerusalem, within the book, A Woman in Jerusalem. The novel initially begins at a marketplace in the beautiful city of Jerusalem. Just as soon as the story begins, the death of a women is announced due to a terrorist bombing within the marketplace. Soon after the young woman’s death, her corpse was relocated to the morgue of a local hospital. After the woman’s body had been sitting in the morgue’s storage facility for a week, not even a single person had come to claim her body or even identify whom she was. Nothing on the woman’s body…show more content…
After the resource manager reported all of the information that he learned to the owner, the owner felt that he is now responsible for Yulia’s funeral which left the resource manger another task; finding out who Yulia’s family is and where they are located. Once the resource manger makes a quick visit to the immigration ministry, he learns that her divorced husband and son live in Russia. After speaking over the phone with Yulia’s ex-husband, the divorcé made it quite clear that he wanted her to have a proper funeral in Russia so her son could visit her grave and that way she would also be buried in her “home-land”. Soon after the owner gets word that Yulia’s family wants her body in Russia, he sends the resource manager to Russia with Yulia’s corpse. The journalist from the newspaper that had written the negative article on the bakery after Yulia’s death, as well as a photographer, were ironically passengers on the same flight as the resource manager. The journalist and photographer told the manager that they believe if they produce a follow-up article on the bakery and the woman’s death, it would be very popular to their readers. With that, the three of them flew to Russia. Once the characters arrive in Russia, Yulia’s ex-husband, her son, and a translator to communicate between Russian and Hebrew greeted them all. Yulia’s son however, absolutely refused to sign an authorization form giving consent for her
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