A Summary Of Beyonce's Film Lemonade

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In the world we live in today media is incorporated in our everyday lives. People are obsessed with the images presented by the media, specifically through film, which is by far the most persuasive and wide-reaching in our society. These images are reflections of our cultural beliefs and values that are perceived and represented by the entertainment industry that largely focus on undermining female sexuality and gender stereotyping. In Beyonce’s film Lemonade, it combines audio, visual, and textual elements to express her own experiences of infidelity to evoke a reaction from the audience. Lemonade is a film of a personal transformation and serves as a political statement. Through the use of traditional costuming, religious undertones, and symbolism of sexual independence, Beyonce and Warsan Shire portray female sexuality as an empowering message for women to take control of their own sexuality and not become a victim of scopophilia.
In Lemonade, the film upholds to the traditional ideals of womanhood through the styling and costuming of the characters, but is challenged when paralleled to the idea of Beyonce finding her identity in accepting her sexuality. In the music video of ‘All Night’, the yellow-patterned ball gown that Beyonce wears and her hair styled up in a neat twist-braid, acknowledges the time period during the Civil War. It was a time where women were to tend to their husbands’ needs and be the caretaker of the home. However, Beyonce challenges
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