A Summary Of Blood Brothers

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Mickey sat in front of his lonely dinner at his lonely dinner table in his lonely little house constructed out of a gigantic shoe, more specifically the left shoe of a pair of golden Chuck Taylor’s. He sat and wondered what purpose there was in his life, and why he was on this Earth to begin with. Minnie had left him, taking Pluto with her, a few years back for Goofy. She had been having a reticent love affair with him for the past 2 years, to which Mickey only found out about because he found Goofy with Minnie in a very promiscuous situation.

His only escape from his sad lonely life was painting, mostly pictures of nature and serine areas. One night, after a day of unsuccessfully attempting to sell one of his only good paintings of a waterfall, he went to his usual spot to think. Late at night, and with the moon in it’s fullest, Mickey sat on a log and screamed angrily at the stars. “Why do you despise me? Why must it be my life that is so horrible?” He dropped to his knees and stared at the moon. “Why…” he sobbed. “What vile crime have I committed to deserve this?” He dragged himself to a nearby log and sat on it burying his face in his hands sobbing. He stopped briefly only to look into
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He began painting furiously, not really paying attention to exactly what was going onto his canvas. Looking frantically and blindly between his mirror and his canvas he slowed down only to realize that he wasn’t painting what he thought he was painting. He had finally discovered who he truly was. He was only the mere figment of the imagination of Walt Disney, and in a strange sense, he found peace in this realization. Making peace with the he didn’t need a purpose on Earth being that he was no more than something to do what he had wanted to do with his paintings all along. His purpose was to entertain people and make them smile. Mickey was finally happy
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