A Summary Of Dissolution

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There are brands and generics of a plethora of medicines. However, is one better than the other based on effectiveness is the most important? The dissolving rate is part of understanding how effective a drug can work. Even looking at the effect the medicine of pH of the stomach is vital.
Before any medicine can work, it must dissolve before absorption can take place. The process of dissolution followed by absorption determines, in part, the bioavailability of the drug (Reckitt Benckiser). Dissolution is a process where a drug is released, dissolved and is available for absorption (Reckitt Benckiser).
In a recent study many generic medicines showed significant differences from their branded counterparts during a dissolution test. An invitro
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This research failed to mention the medicine acetaminophen, but the concept of the importance of generic and brand and dissolution stands the same. In this study the method of testing is different from this experiment, but has the same concept of dissolving a medication to see the dissolution rate in an in vitro test, however seconds will be measured. In this experiment a simulated stomach was used to better show the comparison of the brand and generic of acetaminophen. This research will add on to the comparison of acetaminophen generic and brand…show more content…
Capsules, gel caps containing the medication in the form of a powder, granulate or liquid wrapped around a gel mold, that dissolves in the stomach (Pudmed Health, 2012). Even though gel caps medicines, such as the one used in this experiment, Aacetaminophen extra strength rapid release gel caps , dissolve mainly in the stomach, awaiting for a further process to be absorbed, to reach the bloodstream, very little acetaminophen is absorbed from the stomach (Shekhawat and & Pokharkar, 2016) Acetaminophen can affect the stomach pH. The pH-partition hypothesis is that the partition of a weak acid is strong acid across the stomach membranes would be large; making a lower or higher pH, from stomach natural pH of around 1.3 (Raffa et al., 2014). Measuring the dissolve rate and pH is very is vital to understand if generic or brand medicine work
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