A Summary Of Esperanza

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According to Mother Teresa, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty”. Now imagine being lonely, unwanted, and poor. That is how Esperanza grew up. She lived in a poor neighborhood and was lonely and felt unwanted. She had to navigate through these difficult emotions and challenges with no help, but was able to grow up and become an amazing young woman. Despite coming from a poverty stricken neighborhood, lacking a strong mentor to teach her about important youth issues, and having to learn many tough issues on her own, Esperanza was able to grow and develop into a successful, inspirational, strong woman. Although Esperanza grew up in a very poverty stricken neighborhood, she didn’t let that define her as an adult and was able to be successful later on in life. Esperanza grew up in a place that was very looked down upon. On page 5, Esperanza was asked by a nun where she lived. After pointing to her house, the nun responded “You live there?” She was not only in an area that was clearly not nice, but she was also judged and she felt embarrassed about it. People who even just drove through her underprivileged neighborhood think of Esperanza and her neighbors as “dangerous. They think [they] will attack them with shiny knives. They are stupid people who got lost here by mistake” (18). This neighborhood wasn’t the type of place people wanted to be near or in. It was so run-down and such a seemingly threatening place, people would be scared just
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