A Summary Of Hewlett-Packard Corporate Spying Scandal

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Hewlett-Packard Corporate Spying Scandal In 2006 Hewlett-Packard’s Chairwoman, Patricia Dunn, was publicized, scrutinized, and criminally indicted on several accounts for spying on board members and reporters to get to the bottom of corporate leaked information. She was accused of permitting the use of a tactic called pretexting to gain private information and phone records to investigate and find the culprit who was leaking vital information to reporters. The controversy surrounding this scandal was not only due to the unethical abuse of power but also due to the unlawful tactics used to gain private information. Pretexting is a tactic used where an individual retrieves phone records by calling the phone company and pretending to be someone else. This very clearly crosses several ethical standards that big corporate companies such as Hewett-Packard should have strict written policies on. Yet a degreed Corporate Executive such as Patricia Dunn claimed that she did not know she was crossing any ethical standards and didn’t realize that it was illegal to obtain phone records without a person’s consent. Mrs. Dunn’s work ethic displayed more instrumental value as opposed to terminal value. She definitely showed ambition, imagination and courage to get to her end result, which was to find who was leaking corporate information. However she did lack some instrumental values, such as honesty and self-discipline. Just because you have the authority and access to obtain

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