A Summary Of Hurley's Diary

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The pack had closed around our ship. With our ship licked in the ice, there wasn't much for us to do. The fo'c'sle hands, the sailors whose job it was to run the ship, had no sailing to do, and Worsley had no captaining to do. The rest of us, we found ways to stay busy. I kind of enjoyed having a bit of free time. Hurley took some pictures, and amazed all of us with his fearlessness, and yelling outrageous Australian curses, just for fun. The only person's job that stayed the same was Charles Green's. We needed to eat no matter what. The scientists kept up with their experiments. Hussey continued to take meteorological readings as the summer began to fade on February 17. The sun was beginning to dip below the horizon at midnight.…show more content…
I can tell winter is coming. It feels colder than usual, and there are heavier gusts of wind more often. We did not let ourselves get discouraged. We would finish this Expedition. Shackleton kept the engines stoked, and the watches were set to scan the horizon for any open leads of water. If there was any chance for us to break free, we would be ready. By March 16, winter on the ice seemed inevitable. The Boss ordered the fires to be burned down. We all knew what that meant; we were stuck until the ice broke up in the spring. Why does the weather have to be this way? Why?! We knew that our ship could withstand being locked in the ice, but our only concern was that the ship would drift so far off course with the moving ice pack, that that would cause more delay. We could do nothing but make the best of it. We did a lot of hunting, so now we would have fresh meat. By late March and early April, food was coming scarce as the animals migrated north. We kept eyes out for cracks in the ice where killer whales have popped up, but we didn't find much. In order for our survival, Shackleton insisted that we eat seal meat. I did not like the fact, but in order to survive, I ate it anyway. The hunters came back with large seals they caught, and our
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