A Summary Of Interrater Reliability

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Research is a vital role to ensure the growth of psychology. There are several different types of research methods that a researcher may choose. Regardless which kind of research method is selected it’s likely that they will need a form of measurement for reliability. Having an effective measuring tool is essential to produce valid research findings. The wrong type of measurement can skew data, cause possible unethical actions, and be an overall severe threat to the validity and reliability of the research. When conducting research, researchers should only utilize the measurements that are credible through evidence-based practice (EBP). We can measure reliability in several ways; we present the four most common methods: (1) test–retest, (2) alternate forms, (3) internal consistency, and (4) interrater reliability (Thomas & Hersen, 2011, pg.30).
What is Interrater Reliability? IRR is a statistical approach used to quantify the degree of agreement among independent raters, while adjusting for agreement that would be expected by chance alone (Hussain et al., 2014). Sometimes research requires a qualitative rating by two or more researchers. If this occurs it's imperative that the researchers agree on an interrater reliability. For example, if two or more psychologists were observing an autistic
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It’s used throughout dozens of different fields and topic. One of the most popular topics is in professional sports. Some sport such as American football, baseball, basketball, and boxing require more than two referees to preside over the game or match from a neutral standpoint. All referees involved in professional sports have to go through specific training designed to understand the rules of the game so that all referees can be in agreement. A simple yes or no is often not enough, sometimes judges are given a set of numbers such as 1-10 to describe something ranging from very the worst to the
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