A Summary Of Jarion Counseling

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A report was reported on 9-5-17 concerned these allegations.
Jarion was visiting his sister Alexis and her husband (Kevin) for the weekend. Jarion pulled down Kelvin's pants and touched him between the legs. The reporter stated that: "Jerion also put his mouth on Kelvin's penis." Jarion told, "Kelvin not to tell anyone, and if he didn't say anything, he would buy him some pop tarts." Kelvin did not tell his father( Kevin). Kelvin told his mom (Meagan) about the incident. Kevin and Alexis were not aware of the incident. Jarion's mother, Cora was contacted concerning this incident. Cora is in denied Jaron did this. Meagan is in the processes of getting Kevin counseling. Cora is refused to get Jarion counseling. The children play together,
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