A Summary Of Langston HughesThe Negro Speaks Of Rivers?

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After the emancipation of the slaves, they had no idea what to do, so many of them headed north to a place called Harlem, where they they turned to some form of art. This period of time was called the Harlem Renaissance, many African American people started to take up the arts, such as writing, and music. An article titled “The Harlem Renaissance” says “The Harlem Renaissance was mostly a literary, and intellectual movement”(Steven Watson) One of the most influential and famous African American artists of this time period, was Langston Hughes. Hughes primarily wrote poems, many which are very famous and study throughout schools in America many years later. Hughes also wrote songs in the form of something called jazz poetry, jazz was a newly introduce and very popular music as the time. There are messages in many of Langston Hughes poem, in The Negro Speaks of Rivers, our souls need to grow deep like rivers, in I, Too, we are all Americans despite differences, in Dream Variations, people need to be accepting to others, Lastly in Refugee in America, we all want the same things.
A message that can be interpreted from Langston Hughes poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers, is that our souls need to grow deep like rivers. A comparison that Hughes made was a soul to a river. Hughes says multiple times in the poem “My soul has grown deep like the rivers”(3). Rivers are majestic things that are necessary for many things in our like to work. Rivers provide means for irrigation for our
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