A Summary Of Poverty In Haiti

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NGOs, or non governmental organizations are hurting the fight to end poverty because the free services and goods they provide destroy small business and give the people in said areas the wrong mindset. The free goods and services NGOs provide have progressively destroyed the economy of Haiti, and it all began with the exporting of rice from governments of first world countries to places like Haiti. Products from NGOs and foreign aid destroyed markets because as Andreas Widmer brought up in Poverty, Inc. why would you buy something when it is free elsewhere? This essentially became the mindset of most Haitians and even their government, but the worst of it was seen after the earthquake, January 2010. Alex Georges, co founder of Enersa mentioned…show more content…
Right away in the documentary, Daniel Jean Louis states “They keep trying to find ways to keep giving away free stuff as if they didn’t want Haitians to stand up for themselves.” In this quotation, Daniel is talking about the situation Haiti ran into with rice. There is so much of it on the market for little to no price that there is no point for farmers to try to sell it anymore. It essentially teaches a group of people that living off of the hand of another person or area works better than hard work and achieving goals. This is exactly what Jean Ronel Noel said, mentioning that the situation is “Changing the mentality of the people, creating a generation with a dependency mentality.” Alternatively, people who work hard to earn a living in developing countries are seeing amazing growth. Frantz Derosier is a lighting technician for Enersa, and the fact that he has a job has made the difference in supporting himself, his wife and his daughter with safe living conditions, and education for his little girl.
In conclusion, NGOs have been, and will continue to negatively influence the fight to end poverty because the free goods they provide destroy markets, while indoctrinating a generation of people into a life of
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