A Summary Of Sarah Koenig's Podcast

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Based on information provided by Sarah Koenig's podcast, Serial, for murdering Hae Min Lee, Adnan Syed shouldn't be calumniated. The 3 accounts are; if he murdered Hae he'd look back on the details from that day, Adnan parked Hae's car, as claimed by Jay, but he didn't remember that, and Sarah and her friend driving by the day Jay adumbrated. First of all, Sarah Koenig says if a consequential event happens, a person usually remembers when it recrudesced. Conversely, Adnan didn't remember January 13. However, Jay remembers almost everything which kind of points an arrow in his direction. In contrast, Adnan also says he didn't ask Hae for a ride, but witnesses say he did. Adnan was lying about that, but he wouldn't have recalled if
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