A Summary Of Seventeenth Century Huron Life

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Living in today’s society it is extremely hard to imagine growing up in a house that is occupied by eight other families. However, this was the case for all children living in seventeenth century Huronia. Due to the fact that the seventeenth century was so far in the past, that it is difficult to fathom what life must have been like growing up in these circumstances, as the inhabitants of this time are not around anymore. With the help of archaeology we are able to distinguish many aspects of seventeenth century Huron life. Using applied archaeology, replicas of the longhouses can be made to represent the true size of these buildings. There are evident soil burns, which show hearths within a long house, implying the amount of families that occupied the building. Although this archaeology paints a general picture of their civilization, to get a truer representation of seventeenth century life, analysis of actual Jesuit missionary accounts should be conducted.
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