A Summary Of The Abolitionists And The Polaris Project

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To what degree is labor humane? As a whole, the members of our society have never questioned if the way we live life is unjust. In 1830, a group of people recognized these wrongful ways. They spoke up and voiced their opinions on the way Americans were treating black individuals. But was slavery really wrong? According to many members of society in the 1830's, no, slavery wasn't wrong. It was a way of life. After Lincoln abolished slavery in 1865 slavery has only been thought about as a moment in history. Now in 2017, we live in a free country, where no one is a slave. Or so we thought. Human trafficking is a growing issue in the world today. There are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves worldwide, of which 80% are women and children. The Polaris Project is one of the many organizations that is helping get rid of human trafficking today. The abolitionists and the Polaris Project have similar movements, as they both fight against forced human labor. The Polaris Project is more successful in using rhetorical appeals as they are making a substantial difference in ways the abolitionists did not.
Although both movements had differences, they also had many similarities. One of the main comparisons were the goals of each organization. Both organizations (the abolitionists and the Polaris Project) fight for all men, women, and children to be free, instead of being forced into slavery. During the time of the Abolitionist Movement, there were 2,000,000-4,000,000 slaves working on

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