A Summary Of The American Dream In Marky's Coming Home?

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It was the Golden Age! We were living what was known as the ‘American Dream.’ Freedom, equality and opportunity for all. When the troops returned from war six years ago, this dream deviated and society became so fixated on obtaining the ‘perfect American household.’ It was inevitable. But who decides what is perfect? Who does perfect cater for? With the war won and over, and the promise of American prosperity on the horizon, it was merely the idealistic thing to do; getting married, beginning a family and living in the suburbs. Essentially you were displaced from society if you didn’t follow these conventions. *** Marky’s coming home. The month’s accumulating to today have felt as though it has been years.. Although in reality it has been years since his departure, a quick return from Germany was not likely. I have been in two minds since the news of their disembarkation. A letter came in the postbox late May that their return would be expected sometime during the Summer. Ever since receiving that letter, all the women at the office haven’t stopped gossiping about what this entails for us. It is foreseen as to what is going to happen, it has been a burden since we have started working. We will get kicked out of our positions, men will return to their occupations held before leaving for war and we would be thrown back into homes; cleaning, cooking and raising families. Although my partner is coming back, I do not want to go back. Since the day I was born, we have been

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