A Summary Of The Blame Game

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I think James is the one playing the worst game this summer, but here he is. He was protected early on by Paulie’s reign of power and even did the house’s dirty taking out Frank, who was not coming for him. He later turned on Da’Vonne who was one of his most loyal allies by exposing her to Paulie and ratting out her plan to target the showmances. The following week James decided to strike at Paulie by cancelling Corey’s vote and sending his showmance partner Zakiyah home. It’s a big move, but the problem is that James was cornered into this move by Paulie’s personal attacks on Natalie and Bridgette, Natalie, Michelle forcing him to do it. During Natalie’s HOH week, he decided that sending home Victor was the best move, but then Victor re-entered

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