A Summary Of The Clash Of Civilizations

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Samuel P. Huntington, who was an American political scientist and adviser, wrote The Clash of Civilizations. The Clash of Civilizations focused on the claim that people’s cultural differences and religious identities is the primary source of conflict during the post-Cold War era in the 1990’s. Huntington believes that in the future the only reason conflict will arise will be because of the differences in cultural identities. Furthermore, Huntington divided the world into what he calls, “major civilizations”, that consisted nine civilizations: Western, Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, African, Latin American, Sinic, and Japanese. He believes that conflict is created because of these differences between the major civilizations. Then, in his work, he suggested six different reasons on why these civilizations causes conflict with each other. These suggestions stretches from increasing interactions across the world to having the differences in language, tradition, and religion from one civilization to another. Additionally, Huntington does believe that there are nine major civilizations in the world; however, he believes that the major conflict will be within the “West versus the Rest” concept. The main conflict will arise from Westernized civilizations against Non-Westernized civilizations and because of this I agree with Huntington that cultural differences around the world separate each everyone into different civilizations. I believe that Huntington’s observations about
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