A Summary Of The Movie Smoke Signals

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Often relationships with others can be formed at an early age. Relationships can vary from being friendships, or even ones formed between family members. Many relationships can prove to be complex and tend to evolve over time. Both “This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona by , and “the movie Smoke Signals illustrate the complexity of relationships between individuals.
As shown in the first scene of the movie we can see that Thomas and Victor have been together for a long time. While the house was burning down, they were both being held and they were beside each other. Although much of their time spent together as children is not displayed in the movie we learn about their childhood interactions through the scenes depicted in “Phoenix”. In the short story, we learn of a few memories that Victor and Thomas share; When they were younger the two boys watched fireworks together on the fourth of July, as well as riding bikes together. Furthermore, the friendship between the boys can be seen when Thomas saves Victor after he has stepped on a wasp’s nest. In the begging of the short story the relationship between Thomas and victor is shown as being friendly towards each other; however, as the story progresses we can see the relationship continuing to evolve. This proves to the reader how complex relationships between what appears to be two childhood friends can be.
A contributing factor to the fallout of the friendship between Thomas and Victor would be how different
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