A Summary Of The NovelChildren Of Dust By Ali Eteraz

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The novel Children of Dust by Ali Eteraz was beautifully written from start to finish. The reading is broken down into five sections that explains the life of Ali Eteraz. Not only was his life discussed but, his religious Islamic journey. The novel began with Abir a young boy is told he is going to be a leader and servant of Islam from his mother and grandmother. The two explain to Abir how he received his name Abir ul Islam and how his parents ensured for him to have a pious life. Abir’s family consist of his mom Ammi and father, Pops. The family later moves to Alabama due Pops receiving a visa to work in America. In high school Abir decides to change his name to Amir where he is befriending Americans and using AOL to work on his sexual frustrations.Amir then becomes Abu Bakr Ramaq a college student who learns more about his faith. His family and him then visits his home country in search of a suitable wife.Lastly Ali Eteraz the noble protest, gives Islam a peaceful name after the horrible events of 9/11. The life of Ali is about growth and an individual’s faith, knowledge and self. While reading “Children of Dust” the understandings of Christianity from Ali and other Muslims intrigued me. Once Ammi told Ali there would be hope for Muslims after Dajjal ruled the world for forty years. She also stated, “If you look around the world , you’ll see that the Jews and Christians are glorious and powerful, while Muslims are persecuted and killed just for being Muslim.” meaning
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