A Summary Of The Nurse Ratched By William Mcmurphy

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The happy, easygoing nature that McMurphy carries incites immediate change in the boys’ attitude towards Nurse Ratched. His singing and laughing shocks the others to show that such behavior is not encouraged in the ward. His laughter is described as “free and loud it comes out of his wide grinning mouth and spreads in rings bigger and bigger till its lapping against the walls” (12). This juxtaposition between the Chief’s influence as compared the the Nurse’s ability to fill up the room automatically shines a bright light on him. As none of the people had heard laughter in so long, it took time to place it as they were shocked and :stunned dumb” (12.) The diction used reveals how Bromden is treated; in the ward, they are confined from happiness and loud sounds because in their situation, there is not much to be happy about and a loud sound is typically associated with a disturbance that yields a punishment. McMurphy is also the first to vocalize the derogatory methods of their therapy group, breaking Harding out of his trance, starting to bring awareness to the others. He uses an analogy of “a peckin’ party can wipe out an entire flock in a matter of a few hours” (57). This describes how during their therapy sessions, one instigation starts a cascade of admittance to bad deeds, reinforcing the Nurse’s power to torture them. Following the collective realization that Nurse Ratched’s methods were demeaning, there followed “a whine of fear over the silence” that persisted because

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