A Summary Of The Perseverance Of Women In Patricia Mccormick's Sold

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Each year, over 800,000 women and children are trafficked into sex slavery across international borders, and more are thought to be trafficked within countries. Every day, people are tricked, kidnapped and coerced into trafficking and sex slavery. This is exactly what happened to Lakshmi, in Patricia McCormick novel’s Sold. The novel tells the story of Lakshmi, a thirteen year old girl from Nepal who is trafficked and sold into a sex slavery house in India. Although Lakshmi quickly realizes her devastating circumstances, she does not give up hope that one day she will return home to her family. McCormick uses Lakshmi and the women of Nepal and India to show that perseverance, endurance and hope are vital to survive. McCormick first shows the perseverance of the Nepali women is by depicting their everyday lives. In the beginning of the story, readers get to see the lives of people who live in high mountains villages. In these villages, the women are often seen as expendable and unvalued. In Lakshmi’s village specially, the women are very dutiful to their husbands and family members. Often times, the women have to care for their children, do house and field work, and have to serve their husbands. A quote from the novel that fits well with this narrative is from Lakshmi, “On the mountain, wemark time women’s work and women’s woes“ (10). This quote is from a excerpt of when Lakshmi was describing the seasons, and the different hardships the women go through as
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