A Summary Of The Therapists Perception Of Benefits Of Technology

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Throughout history, with every technological breakthrough, innovation or revolution, people have always imagined possible futures that new technologies at hand might bring about. It can make an important role in shaping the ways we imagine the future of humanity since the beginning of time, man has attempted to avoid the inevitable. In the endless pursuit of perfection, man has try enhance human capability which can alter human functioning beyond the normal whatever we think about them, enhancements are going to happen. It can help people in the medical field which can lead to an advancement in medicine to being able to life forever, also on how technology can help in the field of education from what types of technology can be used to educated …show more content…

Nobody would believe that in a million years, but what if it can be proven with how technology is advancing we are able to live forever and also be able to cure many disease . With technology more commonly being used in the medical field it should come naturally that we should use it to make more changes than ever before. If this can be done we will be able to make ourselves immortal which can make a change in the world to everyone no longer will people have their lives shorten also can be able to cure certain diseases that could not be solved by human but with the help of technology. In the article Therapist's’ Perception of Benefits and Costs of Using Virtual Reality Treatments it states that “Psychotherapy using VR is the practice of treating psychological disorders by immersing patients into a virtual environment appropriate to their condition.” which shows that the way things are going with technology is being integrated to make an impact on how people will live and be treated in the future showing how technology that people don't know about for example like virtual reality it can make a difference in some of the people's lives. When people think of technology in the medical field they usually are worried since they're not used to being treated by machines but in reality with the use of machines it can make things much easier and less painful than as a human was doing it which can be a great thing. With all the

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