A Summary On Action And Comparison Analysis

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Paxony: A Summary of Action and Comparison Analysis The simulated nation of Paxony is a democracy, and abounds in natural resources. It also spends lots of time forging new ideas and fighting over land strips, while also being susceptible to many terrorist attacks. For these reasons and several others, the simulated nation of Paxony most closely aligns with the political systems, ideals, and history of the United States of America. Paxony’s history is full of many ups and downs. Although it began with the most money in the world of Politica, it ultimately was crushed by the initially poorest country. This ironic twist was the result of lack of control, poor timing, and an overall “series of unfortunate events”. At the beginning of the simulation, again, Paxony had plenty of money, more than any other country. It also had a large supply of fish, which, while successful for meeting the daily quota, was not a very effective means of trade, as most countries also had fish. What Paxony had in fish, it lacked in oil. The nation of Petropol had tons of oil, therefore it also had almost every country in the world knocking on its door, including Paxony. For the first round of allocations, Petropol gave Paxony the 5 necessary oil for the day in exchange for admittance into the PSF. This was a nice agreement for the first turn, but the friendship between the countries quickly waned. Instead, on the next turn, Minerite offered to give Paxony the needed oil in exchange for again,
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