A Summary On Automatic Network Monitoring

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Business Proposal Title Automatic Network Monitoring & IP Routing System Name - Aniket Tayade SJSU ID - 010720034 Executive Summary: Today, the Internet has become one of the basic necessity in our lives. It is difficult to imagine our life without the Internet. Many companies today are completely dependent on the efficient working of the Internet for example, Banks, Social Networking Websites and E-Commerce to name a few. A slight glitch in the working of the Internet can cause these companies to incur losses in millions of dollars. So such companies demand for efficient working of the…show more content…
HP have been contributing in the field of network architecture, SDN, BYOD & virtualization from a very long time. Market Research: In recent times, many companies are coming up with various network monitoring & analysis tools. But these tools are restricted in giving the network topology and traffic analysis. Further such tools are too costly. Still such tools have huge demand in the market, as it simplifies the network management process by a great deal. Also with the expansion of Software Defined Network, network analysis space is gaining a tremendous amount of importance since such tools are needed to refine the network performance. For example, Birch Communications is planning to develop a real time monitoring tool (SAM) to assist its customer for network analysis. Similarly, various companies like SolarWinds, Juniper Network and many more are constantly striving hard to make progress in this perspective. Business Concept: The idea of developing such product that automates routing and helps in analyzing network came from the troubles that a network administrator had to face in resolving network issues in the backbone of the Internet. External Gateway Protocol (EGP) are incapable of adjusting to the network anomalies easily. Moreover, hackers can also introduce delays, loops that affect the network connectivity and operations. Hence to resolve these issues at faster rate the network administrator requires a
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