A Summary On Charismatic Faith And Ministry

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Summary of Charismatic Faith and Ministry
Charismatic Faith and Ministry is a comprehensive book of Charismatic Systematic Theology. The first three quarters of the book were a brief dissection of systematic theology, much of what we have studied in other classes, but in a more condensed form. The belief system expressed by Dr. Daniel Thimell was no great departure from most conservative, reformed, evangelical orthodoxy except for the addition of the Charismatic.
I believe the real meat of the book started with chapter eleven, Charismatic Ministry. Here Thimell continues his systematic approach to the book, but now switches to the rest of the story, the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. Thimell takes a very academic and cerebral approach to the gospel. His lack of personal encounters and stories are evidence to that fact. However, this is a refreshing approach that presents the gospel with just the basic facts and not many frills. I believe that Thimell’s purpose in writing this book was not to give an exhaustive book on Charismatic Theology, but to show how Charismata fit within his systematic theology. Thimell showed that Charismata is not an appendix to the Bible, but an integral and many times overlooked theology that interweaves through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
It seems that Dr. Thimell tries to relate to the reader on a more personal level with his connections with Star Wars and the WWJD analogy. Both concepts are points well taken and

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