A Summary On ' Collective Corrections '

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Collective Corrections

Tasha Bowling
Metropolitan State College of Denver

Collective Corrections

The existence of crimes has always been part of human nature. It is an intricate part in our societal endeavors. As long as there is law, there will always be a crime to be committed. However we are socialized in such way that every crime must be punished but to a varying degree. This quest for justice and deter in conduct that is considered wrong occurs in various forms. They vary from incarcerations, fines, corporal punishment as in the case of Sharia laws while others hope that fate or karma will even out the score. Whichever method is used it is hoped that a punishment will be meted.
In traditional systems in the United States of America dealt with incarceration as its main form of punishment or offenders. However, statistics in the recent times have indicated that most convicts offend and get back into prison systems within just three years of release. (Gilligan, 2012) This trend is not only worrying but peculiar. In light that the aspect of prison is not only supposed to deter but reform convicts into being orderly citizens, the cycle of reoffending indicates a malfunction in the prison scheme. (Gilligan, 2012)The failure of this system to curb crime as resulted in alternative measures being sought out to make our societies more orderly. This solution may be found within the community corrections programs. This is because they emphasis…

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