A Summary On Interpreting The Face-Name Mnemonic Strategy

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The purpose of this study was to determine how effective undergraduate students were able to recall the name of people when prompted by their faces. One strategy used to help recall faces is the face-name mnemonic strategy. Three encoding and retrieval steps used to remember a persons face are name clues, prominent facial features and interactive image. Name clues are clues written in the name to help you remember. The clue may resemble the whole name or part of name. Prominent facial features are distinct feature within the photo. Many may focus on the eyes, ears, nose or lips in the photo. Interactive image is where you make a connection between the name clue and the prominent facial features. However, some choose to use a name clue and a piece of article they are wearing to help remember their name. It has been argued that the category for facial feature are very limited and additional concrete materials should be identified to make the connection. Two experiment was conducted to determine the effectiveness…show more content…
Two experiments will also be conducted during this experiment. The first experiment will have three groups: own best method (control group), partially imposed mnemonic and fully imposed mnemonic. There will be 94 students participating in this investigation. The students was randomly divided into three groups. The control group received a study booklet and a 5 minute “Your Strategy” section. The fully imposed group used the painting-artist approach provided by the instructor. Lastly, the partially imposed group will used an identical strategy provided to the fully imposed group, but the partially imposed group had to create their own connection between the painting and the artist. The first day, 28 photos were given to the students. There was a mixture of 14 representational and 14 abstract paintings. On day two, the students took a matching test prompted by 28
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