A Summary On Starbucks 's Coffee

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Alessandro Catano
Doctor Raleigh
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26 August 2014

Starbucks According to statiscticbrain.com fifty four percent of Americans over the age of eighteen drink coffee every day. Also four billion dollars are spent importing coffee to the U.S. each year. As we can see America has a deep love for coffee. Coffee is a brewed beverage that is made by roasted or baked seeds of several spices of a plant called Coffea (coffee bean plant). Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora are the two most common sources of coffee beans. Coffee is usually served during breakfast or at the end of a meal with or after a dessert. Coffeehouses or cafes are very common now a days to just sit and have a cup of coffee. Cafes have existed for over five hundred years and they keep expanding in our society. Café went from selling just coffee, to now selling coffee, desserts, lattes, and other varieties of options. Starbucks is one of today’s leading café shops, offering many different coffee choices, and dessert options while also providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The first Starbucks store opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971. The idea to open Starbucks came from Alfred Peet Coffee fame. Starbucks initially had a store that just sold coffee beans and coffee making equipment instead of selling the actual drink. Ten years into opening there store Howard Schultz was hired as Director of Retail Operations and soon came to a conclusion that they should be selling drinks rather than just…
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