A Summary On Starbucks 's Coffee

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Alessandro Catano Doctor Raleigh Business 451 26 August 2014 Starbucks According to statiscticbrain.com fifty four percent of Americans over the age of eighteen drink coffee every day. Also four billion dollars are spent importing coffee to the U.S. each year. As we can see America has a deep love for coffee. Coffee is a brewed beverage that is made by roasted or baked seeds of several spices of a plant called Coffea (coffee bean plant). Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora are the two most common sources of coffee beans. Coffee is usually served during breakfast or at the end of a meal with or after a dessert. Coffeehouses or cafes are very common now a days to just sit and have a cup of coffee. Cafes have existed for over five hundred…show more content…
Unfortunately he couldn’t convince the owners to sell drinks so he went on his own way and started his own coffee bar chain by the name of Giornale in 1986. One year later Baldwin and the other owners of Starbucks sold to Schultz who then renamed his Giornale locations to Starbucks and started to expand on it quickly. Starbucks soon took over Seattle as the premier coffee shop and started to open up chains across the United States and soon after internationally. Outside of the United States the first international Starbucks store to open up was in Tokyo and until this day Starbucks still has a presence in Japan. Over time Starbucks bought or acquired other companies in the coffee field such as Peet’s and Seattle’s Best Coffee, and they also took over many locations of Coffee People and Diedrich Coffee stores. Starbucks is now the largest coffeehouse company in the word with over 23,000 stores in more than 60 countries and territories including more than 13,000 in the United States, over 1,900 in China, over 1,500 in Canada, 1,089 in Japan, and 927 in the United Kingdom. Starbucks has developed to serving hot and cold beverages, whole bean coffee, teas, pastries, and other types of snacks. They even offer items such as mugs and drinking glasses. In some way shape or form every coffee shop is the same. They all offer coffee and treats to enjoy while having a fresh brewed cup of coffee. What some don’t offer that Starbucks does are many perks for
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