A Summary On The Day Of Milan

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English 101
Unity High School
Here I was, asleep on the plane dreaming of my time in Italy, a place that once used to be apart of my imagination. I dreamt of Milan and the fashion trends that I’ll never quite understand, of Venice and the anxiety-filled gondola ride through the city’s canals, of Florence and the hike up the Pre-Apennine Mountains, and of Rome with its historical sites that most will only see in textbooks.
Walking through the airport to the bus, I could already tell that Milan was a place that most of us felt like we didn’t belong. The short bus ride was full of twists and turns and hearing our tour guide, Elvira, tell us that we’ll soon learn how to drive like Italians. After reaching Milan and walking through the city in shorts and plain shirts, we had never felt so underdressed in such a casual situation. Women were touring the city square, their outfits congested with too many patterns and bright heels. Around us, electronic billboards flashed advertisements for companies like Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, signaling the new “hottest looks,” but ones that I could never imagine anyone actually wearing. I was wrong… Hoards of women blocked the sidewalks city square, eyeing the new merchandise through the window front. I was thankful to have finally found what felt like a safe environment after getting back on the bus; the awkward feeling of thinking that I stuck out like a sore thumb was washed away. The three hour-long bus ride from Milan to…
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