A Summary On The Film ' The Night '

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Over the colossal castle, the spherical star above leaned cautiously. The noose eclipsed the sunlight; relentless guards grabbed their attention of every creature which had clinking chains glued to their soiled feet. Led by enslaving chains; the mist blew through the ashen compound. As dejected hostages babbled helplessly, faint whimpers deafened the abominable scene. Masking beats of drums pursued every hesitant shuffle. Anxiously, the morose hostages scuffled onwards; they limped in desperation onto the wooden deck. The inmates blistered, wounded soles struggled. Wrapping it around the peasant’s bony neck, scraping away at the remaining skin, the ruffian beast grabbed the noose. Mercilessly, he grasped the corroded lever and heaved it.…show more content…
The atmosphere created a faded glow that crept behind them. Their vacant eyes had such a vivid blue in life that made the others afraid to see what they looked like after death. Their luminous and gleam of their eyes would soon cease and never return. The hostage’s last image in their minds would be pale, dreary corpses which are discarded. A clammed breeze lifted the cinders from the gallows, shrouding the atmosphere in a copper haze. The silver coin reflected with its qualities of molten riches; weathered by its eternal existence, it sat in the diminutive palm of his hand. The relic glistened in the sun. With apprehensive energy, his eyes coruscated as a celestial voice broke out of him; the ruthless executioner yanked the defenceless child onto the wooden barrel, putting a noose around head as it swallowed it whole. As he sang, he reflected on his mortal life; knowing it would vanish briskly. The adolescence, timid boy’s soul poured past the rotten, blanched ground which flawed into the emotions of the aghast crowd. Just then, death was roused. Dubiously, the vigorous executioner marched behind him, wondering what raised his feeble audacity. Surrounding him, there was an aura of ashen charcoal; a state of abasement that he couldn’t see himself through. It was a world of obscurity; the glossy glint he had revealed. His melancholy, colourless eyes spoke of his depraved anguish.

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