A Summary On The Workplace Of The United States

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In Pedigree, Lauren A. Rivera outlines the manner by which the elite are able to reproduce their resources and monopolize access to the most prestigious and highest paying jobs in the United States. Rivera’s main argument is that methods by which employers of elite firms characterize credentials and evaluate qualification for top jobs provides more opportunities for candidates who come from socioeconomically advantaged backgrounds, while at the same time limiting opportunities for less privileged applicants. She goes on to highlight how every stage of the evaluative process, from initial submission of résumés for evaluation to final selections made by committees, is systematically correlated with parental income and education. This exclusion of talented, qualified applicants from less-advantaged socioeconomic backgrounds creates a cap for students in terms of the prestige of jobs and income levels that they can attain. In the chapter summaries below, I will outline Rivera’s arguments regarding elite reproduction—and the methodology by which this process occurs at each phase of the hiring process. Chapter 1: Entering the Elite Rivera begins her argument by focusing on the fundamental stepping-stone to competing for elite jobs—education. She draws on the literature, and specifically Bourdieu’s cultural capital theory, to claim that parents with advanced educations and affluent economic positions are able to pass on essential economic, cultural, and social capital that
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