A Summary On Theodore Simon

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Sukhman Chahal
Psychology Testing
Professor Russo
May 24th 2016
Theodore Simon

Theodore Simon, a French psychologist, was born in Dijon, Burgundy, France on July 10th 1872. He worked alongside Alfred Binet in developing the Binet-Simon scale that has the capability of determining an individual’s intelligence. Particularly, the revision of the Binet-Simon scale was done between 1908 and 1911 and it served as a development template of other new scales. Theodore worked in a number of hospitals in France, such as Dury-les-Amiens and Sainte-Anne hospitals. In addition, he served at St. Yon hospital as the head psychiatrist and worked at Perray-Vaucluse as a medical director until he retired in 1936. Thus, this paper will give an analysis about Theodore Simon, his early life, education, career, and publications.
Theodore Simon was born in Dijon, the capital city of Burgundy region in eastern France on July 10th 1972. Simon lost many of his relatives including the parents at a tender age and after his father who was a railroad engineer at PLM passed on, he went to live with his uncle in Sens. While he was at his uncle’s place that he underwent his high school education. After his high school, he moved to Paris to attend medical school (Human Intelligence). As a medical student, he undertook courses at the heads Asylum and Sorbonne where he contested for asylum position alongside Capgras, Roger Mignot, and Clerambault and passed the test. Unfortunately, Theodore’s elder brother

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