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On 12-02-2015 at approximately 2130 hours, I Officer Hildebrand and Officer Patrick Sullivan responded to a 911 hang-up call from 422 S F St.
Upon arrival we noticed that there is a light on at 424 and ½ S F St. I made contact with a male and asked if someone had called 911. Male stated that his girlfriend called but hung up the phone. I asked if I could go inside and speak with the female while the male spoke with Officer Sullivan. He agreed.

I went inside to speak with the female, later identified as Mary Mccarney. I asked Mary what I going on and if she needed our help. Mary stated that her boyfriend (Brent Weeks) and she were having an argument. She stated that he threw glass on the floor breaking it. She stated that he does not do anything and she has to do it all, that she had enough and that’s what they were mad about. I asked Mary if the argument got physical and if she was afraid of him. Mary stated that he never has been physical to her, but she is scared of him and wants him to leave. I asked if both of them were on the lease, as I had overheard the Brent say he was. Mary stated that yes, both of them are on the lease but wanted him to leave and not come back. I informed her that legally I cannot tell him to leave as it is his house as well. Mary started to get very flustered and asking what can she do and what can I do to keep him away. At this time Officer Andrew Emanuel responded and was outside speaking with the male. I told Mary I would be right back that I…
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