A Summary of View of the Rights of British America

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This pamphlet goes on to discuss various situation between these individual countries .These documents highlight some of the many troubles with the two governments . I would like to discuss 4 different instances that arise and have a huge impact between these two states . Jefferson makes some very strong and valid arguments against the tyrannical king of England King George. The Pamphlet begins with the complaints presented to the King. “ complaints that are excited by many unwarrantable enrichment and usurpation.” This statement gives the title of a usurper to the king of England. This pamphlet on the get go antagonizes the King in my view point. The united states is asks the king for favors and not rights is a statement showing that the King does not control the united states and does not have the power to give rights. He the King is not the no more than only the chief officer of the people. These statements are all from the pamphlet that are distinguishing the relationship to a point where its becoming clearer that the united states is not under the palms of the king, yet it is its own entity. Throughout the text we also see the how Thomas Jefferson accuses England only being interested in the United states , after it was starting to show some potential as a…
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