A Summary of the Film 'Soul Surfer'

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The 2011 film Soul Surfer is based on true events about the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton. When she was a teenager, Bethany was attacked by a shark while surfing. She lived, but ended up losing her arm and threatening to end her competitive surfing career. However, she retrains herself to surf in spite of her injury. The film takes place in Kauai, Hawaii. Hamilton's life is surrounded by surfing and surfers; her entire family surfs. Their emotional support and Bethany's faith help her to garner the psychological strength the protagonist needs to overcome the adversity of the shark attack. The film's protagonist, Bethany Hamilton, is young but demonstrates remarkable maturity for her age. She is passionate about and committed to surfing as a recreational activity and also as a professional sport. Bethany has a strong Christian faith, which is shown to be an important part of her character as well as her family background. Bethany's parents Tom and Cheri are both depicted as stalwart supporters of their daughter, as well as being laid-back surfers who are entrenched in Hawaii. Bethany has two brothers, Noah and Timmy. Neither Noah nor Timmy are major characters in the film. Bethany's best friend Alana features prominently in the film, as she is supportive of her friend and is also a competitive surfer. Alana and Bethany both win competitions and were both selected for Rip Curl sponsorship. Another key character in Soul Surfer is Malina, a bitter, competitive surfer who

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