A Summary of the National Response Framework Essay

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A Summary of the National Response Framework Amber Coté Pikes Peak Community College Abstract The purpose of this paper is to become acquainted with the evolution of national incident response over the last twenty years in America; and henceforth, gain a better understanding of the current multi-agency/multi-discipline approach to national disasters and emergencies. This summary briefly reviews the history of federal planning documents over the past twenty years as context for the present day, National Response Framework; and then highlights the response doctrine and its five principles, as it seems to encapsulate the National Response Framework overall. “Response doctrine…show more content…
(NFP, January 2008, page 2 and 12) The NRP formed the basis for how the federal government would coordinate with state, local and tribal governments and the private sector during the response to a national incident. It was the cornerstone for the eventual maturation to the National Response Framework. The NRP brought together best practices from a range of disciplines including: homeland security, emergency management, law enforcement, firefighting, public works, public health and the private sector and integrated them into one unified structure. This unified structure provided the ability to coordinate federal support to state, local and tribal incident managers. (NFP, January 2008, page 12) President Bush’s Homeland Security Presidential Directive Number 5 also ordered the development of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which continues to bring together federal, state, local and tribal emergency responders into a single system for managing incidents. The NIMS enables responders at all levels to work together more effectively to manage domestic incidents no matter what the cause, size or complexity. (Homeland Security Under Secretary Kicks Off National Response Plan Workshops In D.C. April 15, 2005) The National Response Plan was then renamed the National Response Framework in 2008, to better align the document
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