A Summation and Review of Kaiser and Kaplan's 'Can You Overdo People Skills?'

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Although this less than convincing work establishes little towards its hypothesis, some useful dialogue can be produced from such a work as learning can sometimes come through disagreement and debate. The purpose of this essay is to review this article and give a summation about its contents and arguments.
The rhetorical skills used by both authors and their quoted sources within this article attempted to paint a picture of presidential leadership, and leadership in general, as being too kind to their subordinates. The article's title " Can You Overdo People Skills?" serves as a an excuse for rudeness, ignorance and degradation of empathetic relationships.
The article becomes suspect immediately when Doris Kearns Goodwin, a plagiarist and deceptive historic author who has a tendency to bending facts in her direction is quoted as a source. This should not be a big deal, but when one calls themselves a historian a certain level of standards need to apply to these people. Burnstein & Isenberg (2012) recently wrote that "Goodwin is a serial plagiarizer who has been welcomed back with open arms by the TV punditocracy. She directly and egregiously lifted quotes from others' works on multiple occasions a Pulitzer Prize winning book contained passages plagiarized from three different writers! and she quietly paid off one…
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