A Sunday Afternoon

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1832-1839 Scottish inventor Robert Anderson invents the first crude electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells. 1835 American Thomas Davenport is credited with building the first practical electric vehicle -- a small locomotive. 1859 French physicist Gaston Planté invents the rechargeable lead-acid storage battery. In 1881, his countryman Camille Faure will improve the storage battery's ability to supply current and invent the basic lead-acid battery used in automobiles. 1891 William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa builds the first successful electric automobile in the United States. Thomas Edison and an electric car. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian. Thomas Edison and an electric car. Courtesy of the…show more content…
The electric car's downfall is attributable to a number of factors, including the desire for longer distance vehicles, their lack of horsepower, and the ready availability of gasoline. 1966 Congress introduces the earliest bills recommending use of electric vehicles as a means of reducing air pollution. A Gallup poll indicates that 33 million Americans are interested in electric vehicles. 1970s Concerns about the soaring price of oil -- peaking with the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 -- and a growing environmental movement result in renewed interests in electric cars from both consumers and producers. 1972 Victor Wouk, the "Godfather of the Hybrid," builds the first full-powered, full-size hybrid vehicle out of a 1972 Buick Skylark provided by General Motors (G.M.) for the 1970 Federal Clean Car Incentive Program. The Environmental Protection Association later kills the program in 1976. Vanguard-Sebring's CitiCar Vanguard-Sebring's CitiCar1974 Vanguard-Sebring's CitiCar makes its debut at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Washington, D.C. The CitiCar has a top speed of over 30 mph and a reliable warm-weather range of 40 miles. By 1975 the company is the sixth largest automaker in the U.S. but is dissolved only a few years later. 1975 The U.S. Postal Service purchases 350 electric delivery jeeps from AM General, a division of AMC, to be used in a test program. 1976 Congress passes the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research,
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