A Superstar 's Open Contempt

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A Superstar’s Open Contempt

For various folks, the description of the nature of Jesus prevails as a yielding, meek man that merely wants people to be morally, loving toward each other; notwithstanding, this analogy surfaces as being insultingly inadequate. For this man, if you want to call Him a man, shined as a towering superstar and labored continually to tolerate people’s ignorance and stupidity. Throughout the four gospels, from the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7), to all of His teachings and parables, He does expound on people to strive to better their brotherly love, ethics, morals, etc., speaking quite compassionately; while focusing mainly on people’s spiritual transformations, becoming born again. (John 3:3) Nevertheless, looking closer, there occur matters that exhibit disregard and possibly open contempt numerous times (Matt 10:21, 10:34-38), even towards His own mother (Matt 12:46-50, Mar 3:31-35, John 2:4); in addition, He demonstrates a temper to the point of killing a barren fig tree (Matt 21:18-21; Mark 11:12-14; 11:20-21).
Moreover, Jesus persists as constantly attacking people for their erroneous beliefs, and other unruly behaviors; such as the Scribes, (Matt 5:20, 23:14-15), the Pharisees, (Matt 23:25, Luke 11:44); the Sadducees, (Matt 16:11-12). He discredits Gentiles, and Samaritans (Matt 10:5); people buying and selling in the temple (Matt 21:12); heathens (Matt 6:7); publicans (Matt 18:17); anyone outside of the house of Israel (Matt 15:24- 26);
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