A Survey Composed By Washington Post-Abc News Found That

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A survey composed by Washington Post-ABC News found that an astonishing forty-four percent of surveyors believed that the United States’ health care system has gotten worse in the past few years. What caused this? The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Forbes 25). This startling fact reveals that the act, commonly known as Obamacare, has negatively influenced Americans’ opinions on their health care. Passed in 2010, the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act mandated health care coverage for every United States citizen. The debate over public health care had been going on for decades, and under President Obama’s administration, it became a reality in America. Unfortunately, the act caused major issues. The Affordable Care Act…show more content…
Many speculate that this is the reason Trump was elected president. Following his election, President Trump organized a bill to repeal components of Obamacare. The Freedom Caucus, a group of about three dozen conservatives in Congress, vowed to vote “no.” Why? The bill did not go far enough to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Collins 1). Without the votes of the Freedom Caucus, the bill had no chance of passing and so it was pulled from consideration. The Freedom Caucus, along with countless Americans, wants more to be done. It is obvious that the Affordable Care Act needs more than just a bit of reform.
Why is it so important that the Affordable Care Act be repealed? One reason is that Obamacare has become far too expensive. New health care spending due to Obamacare adds up to an astounding $1.8 trillion (Senger 1). To help pay for this, Obamacare will cut some aid to Medicare, which is health insurance aided by tax dollars for those sixty-five and older (Auerbach 2). The cuts from Medicare will be in excess of $700 billion from 2013 to 2022 (Senger 1-2). Unfortunately, this will heavily affect health care for seniors, because the money from the cuts will not be going to Medicare, but will go towards paying for Obamacare as a whole. Additionally, the federal government will take in an amount exceeding $770 billion between 2013 and 2022 because of Obamacare’s eighteen various tax increases (2). It is absolutely absurd
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