A Survey On Projecting Canada Population Growth

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Appendix 4: Detailed Methodology on Projecting Canadian Population Growth in Canada Brief Description of Methodology Estimates for population growth in Canada are determined by using a components method. This method can project particular characteristics of a population, including age, sex and place of residence. Briefly, there are certain assumptions that must be properly prepared for each component of population growth prior to generating an estimate. In particular, assumptions regarding births, deaths, immigration and emigration must be outlined. When these are applied to the base population, an estimate for projected population can be determined by simply accounting procedures, where births and immigrations are added to the base population, while deaths and emigrants are subtracted from the base population. Base Population Estimates The base population can be determined by accessing data posted on by the Demography Division of Statistics Canada. This is a reliable source for the latest information on population in Canada. Their estimates program provides quarterly information of the total Canadian population. The target population for these estimates is similar to that covered by the census. The data used for these estimates is retrieved from administrative files or extracted from other Statistics Canada information. There is an interesting distinction between postcensal estimates and intercensal estimates. Postcensal estimates use the information from the most
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