A Survey On Windshield Surveys

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Windshield survey Boundaries The boundaries of the windshield surveys consisted of the north to south areas located between The Gateway Park and 16th street, and west to east areas between 4th avenue and Arizona. This location is often referred to as “Historic Yuma” or “Old Yuma” and contains many historical buildings. Housing and Zoning The buildings found in this area range from historical buildings built in the 1900’s to newer homes and commercial buildings. Houses are generally older with some newer homes scattered throughout the area. The quality of the homes range from dilapidated to immaculate. Many of the older homes in Old Yuma did not appear to have air conditioning as doors and windows were left open to circulate air, versus the new homes, which contained AC units either on top of the roof or on the ground. All homes appeared to have plumbing and electricity. Homes were generally in close proximity to one another and appeared to have seemingly small lots. There were several abandoned or boarded up homes in the area. Older motels and single story apartments were visualized in the area. Closed down and boarded up motels, hotels, and homes were scattered throughout the area. A homeless shelter was located in a isolated area next to the railroads and county line. Open spaces There were open lots near the shelter, Gateway Park, and between residential homes. Many of the lots contained trash and overgrowth. The sidewalks, highways, and paved/dirt roads were all

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